Tangible is an interactive installation which explores digital interaction in physical spaces. The project brought players a unique gaming experience that encouraged them to question the difference between tangible physicality and virtual actuality.

Equipment – Projector, Kinect, Laptop, Velcro board, Velcro pieces.
Foam pieces are attached with Velcro to the board affixed to the wall; the pieces can be removed and repositioned on the board. A Kinect and a projector are positioned a few feet away from the Velcro wall. The Kinect gathers depth data from the wall, the foam pieces which protrude from the wall are recognized as solid objects. A collision map is then generated in Unity based on the depth data provided by the Kinect. Falling cubes are spawned in a Unity scene and bounce off of these colliders. The scene is then projected onto the physical board and blocks. The collision map updates in real time as the pieces are moved, giving the appearance that the digital blocks are interacting with the physical objects.