Amanda Theinert

Artist . Designer . Educator


Master of Fine Arts, Computer Art - Cum Laude

The School of Visual Arts, New York NY

Thesis Research: The impact of technological advancement on the gaming community and the art world over the past 50 years.

Thesis Project: “Tangible”- Interactive installation exploring how we interact with games on a tangible level. The project was created using the Unity3D Game Engine and Microsoft Kinect. Advisor- Kurt Rulske

Bachelor of Arts, Interactive Media - Magna Cum Laude

Becker College, Worcester MA

Specialization - Game Art and Design

Teaching Experience

2013 - Present

Assistant Professor of Interactive Media

Becker College August 2013 - Present

Active in department development, including creating new courses and refining existing ones.

Academic Advisor for 45+ students.

Regular teaching course load of 5 - 7 courses per semester including:

  • GAME 1120 - Introduction to Game Design
  • GAME 3111 - Computer Illustration
  • GRPH 2130 - Raster Imaging
  • GRPH 2120 - Vector Imaging
  • GAME 4610 - Portfolio
  • GAME 4400 - Game Theory
  • GAME 4400 - Virtual Reality
  • GAME 4400 - Augmented Reality
2012 - 2013

Adjunct Instructor

Becker College August 2012 - 2013

Spring 2013
  • GAME 1120 - Introduction to Game Design
    -Sections: W01, W02, W03
  • GRPH 2130 - Raster Imaging
    -Sections: W01, W02
  • GAME 4400 - Game Theory
    -Developed and Facilitated
Fall 2012
  • GAME 3111 - Computer Illustration
    -Sections: W01, W02
  • GRPH 2120 - Vector Imaging
    -Sections: W01, W02, W03, W04
2012 - 2013

Adjunct Instructor

Center for Accelerated Studies - Becker College August 2012 - 2013

Developed and Facilitated on-line courses for the Game Design Certificate Program

  • GAME 1001 - History of Game Development
  • GAME 1120 - Introduction to Game Design
  • GAME 2130 - Techniques of Raster Imaging
  • GAME 3111 - Computer Illustration
  • GAME 3120 - 3D Modeling
  • GAME 3130 - 3D Animation
2007 - 2010

Teaching Assistant

Becker College 2007 - 2010

Tutored students in the Game Design program in the use of Photoshop, Illustrator, and Maya.

Assisted in the preparation and presentation of Becker College at PAX East 2010 in Boston.

Professional Development


  • Girl Gamer Institute - A STEM outreach initiative currently in development at Becker College. Working with Professor Terrasa Ulm in assisting President Robert Johnson and Colleen Bielitz to develop a globally recognized institution which will foster creativity and talent in young girls interested in game development.
  • Tangible; A study on interaction – How can we blur the line between digital realities and tangible actualities? How do we interact with technology on a day to day basis and how can these interactions be improved?
  • Alternate Realities; Virtual and Augmented – A look into the potential of Virtual and Augmented spaces. Questions include what are some possible uses for VR and AR technology in education, training, and gaming? How can VR and AR be used in commercial markets, is there a need/desire for this technology being integrated into our day-to-day lives?
  • Game Theory; Looking at the making and playing of games through the lens of psychology – Questions relating to how games effect the brain include; can games have a lasting influence on mood and emotions? Are skills learned in games and simulations transferable to real world practices? Questions related to how studying player habits and interaction can improve game design. How do reward systems encourage play and increase learning? How do players respond to different forms of interaction, both digital and tangible?

Academic Service

  • VR Exhibitor for Canton Library 2015 Technology Fund Raising Gala.
  • Participated in the 25th Anniversary Event for the Americans with Disabilities Act. Showcasing a Virtual Reality experience to raise awareness about Body Dysmorphic Disorder.
  • Developed two interactive technology workshops for girls ages 8 - 14 for the 2015 Girl Scouts "Geek is Glam" event at WIP in Worcester. A STEM Expo for over 600 Girl Scouts of Central and Western Massachusetts.
  • Panelist on 'Virtual Reality in Education' at the Venture Cafe's VR Event, a social gathering for the Greater Boston tech community, also showcased "Into the Rift" and "Body Rift" at the event.
  • Worked alongside faculty and students to showcase Becker College at PAX East 2014 and 2015. Participated in booth design, contest development, and curation of pieces for gallery showcase.
  • Featured reviewer for "The GameMaker Standard" by David Vinciguerra and Andrew Howell.
  • Panel Judge for the Annual 24 hour Game Jam hosted by Becker College
  • Design Consultant – Longwood HS Sports, Longwood NY


  • Alumni Member, Game Steering Committee – 2011
  • Search Committee, Counseling Psychology 2013
  • Instructional Technology Advisory Council (ITAC) – 2014/2015
  • College Library Committee, 2015
  • Game 2.0 Curriculum Development Committee 2014/2015
  • Courses Developed for new curriculum: "Industry Trends", "Psychology of Games", “Raster and Vector for Games”, and "Effective Design Strategies".


Events and Conferences

  • 2015 Canton Technology Gala - VR Exhibitor
  • UNITE 2015 – Unity Developers Conference
  • Venture Cafe - Boston VR Meetup Member
  • NERCOMP "Active Learning" - December 2014
  • PAX East Exhibitor - 2010,2013,2014,2015



Exploring digital interaction in physical spaces.
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Google Cardboard, Wood, Plastic, Foam-board
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Filling empty moments with creative energy.
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Art Portfolio

A sample of digital and traditional artwork.
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